Fighting against the ugly: Yes, now we can!

We’re still on time!

This is the motto of the association NO CRESCENT

One hundred members are rocking’ the crowd to take awareness of what’s going’ on, of the monkey business
that politics is giving us, in a nutshell, to sensibilize people to fight against the construction of the building called crescent, a monstrous and anachronistic block, designed by the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofil,
to build in one of the most representative places of town.

Measures of Crescent are enormous and disproportionate:

The building is with shape of crescent moon with a height of 28, 10  meters.

If that thing is placed at sea level the height will be of 33,25 meters, equivalent to an
11-12 floor’s building! A Chinese wall!

An Archi-monster that will change a landscape which was beautiful shaped from centuries,
will change the sight towards sea, and will create a visual barrier between the old town and the Amalfi coast.

Fighting against the Archi-monster is still possible!

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